How to Write Like An Angry Internet “Expert” on GMOs

‘Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Montana Grain Growers Association on the topic of agricultural myths – specifically those relating to the wheat and barley industry. It was a whole new experience for me to replace calving rates with seeding rates; and crossbred cows with hybrid corn; but I was intrigued to see how many similarities existed between the grain industry and the beef industry in terms of the challenges we’re faced with in terms of misconceptions and bad science.’


´Always use capital letters to emphasize the negative. The more capital letters you use, the more powerful your message BECAUSE YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY SHOUTING! Everybody knows that shrieking like a hyena on acid gets your point across, right?´

´Remember that science is the enemy. Yes, it brought us the polio vaccine, organ transplants and the iPhone that’s rapidly giving you repetitive strain injury of the thumbs, but when it comes to food, it’s pure evil. Anybody who has a PhD is less believable than your Great-Aunt Edna’s story about the day she met JFK in Walmart, whereas the opinion of a liberal arts major who cites Wikipedia, Deepak Choprah and Michael Pollan is worth more than rubies.´


‘If all else fails, invoke the name of the evil that must be named….ahem, Monsanto. If you say it three times into a mirror, an ancient agricultural god will appear and wreak vengeance upon the earth. Honestly, I saw it on Oprah.’

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Qute van de dag

“Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

– Steven Weinberg

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Alternatieve literatuur


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Richard Dawkins & Ricky Gervais

De heren bespreken religie en atheïsme. Klein beetje ‘atheïsme voor beginners’ maar niet minder inspirerend.

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Leo Kouwenhoven op Lowlands University 2013

‘Leo Kouwenhoven, wereldwijd geroemd om zijn ontdekking van het Majoranadeeltje, betrad zaterdagmiddag het Lowlands University podium. De vondst van het enige deeltje ter wereld dat ook zijn eigen anti-deeltje is, vormt de basis voor de kwantum computer: de computer der computers. Microsoft zag er brood in en investeerde al een miljoen euro, een Nobelprijs ligt in het verschiet! Kouwenhoven legt op Lowlands haarfijn uit hoe de wereld van donkere materie, kwantumfysica en zwevende deeltjes eruit ziet.

In 2007 ontving Kouwenhoven de NWO-Spinozapremie voor zijn doorbraken op het gebied van kwantumtransport in halfgeleidermaterialen.’


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Quote van de dag

“[…] In that simple statement is the key to science: It doesn’t matter how beautiful your guess is or how smart you are or what your name is. If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. That’s all there is to it.”

– Richard P. Feynman

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“There is no evidence that GMO’s are bad for you”

‘[…] in 2008 I was still penning screeds in the Guardian attacking the science of GM – even though I had done no academic research on the topic, and had a pretty limited personal understanding. I don’t think I’d ever read a peer-reviewed paper on biotechnology or plant science even at this late stage.

Obviously this contradiction was untenable. What really threw me were some of the comments underneath my final anti-GM Guardian article. In particular one critic said to me: so you’re opposed to GM on the basis that it is marketed by big corporations. Are you also opposed to the wheel because because it is marketed by the big auto companies?

So I did some reading. And I discovered that one by one my cherished beliefs about GM turned out to be little more than green urban myths.’

Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference, 3 januari 2013 – door Mark Lynas

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Quote van de dag

“It doesn’t seem to me that this fantastically marvelous universe, this tremendous range of time and space and different kinds of animals, and all the different planets, and all these atoms with all their motions, and so on, all this complicated thing can merely be a stage so that God can watch human beings struggle for good and evil – which is the view that religion has. The stage is too big for the drama.”

― Richard P. Feynman

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Christopher Hitchens vs. God

Opening statement: “Okay, let me see… I don’t think that it’s going to take 10 minutes to disprove the existence op God.”

En dat is precies wat Hitchens doet: in een paar simpele voorbeelden en vergelijkingen veegt hij de vloer aan met de idee van een alwetende, almachtige schepper. Hitchslap!

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Leugens in de medicijnindustrie

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Een gesprek met de Britse wetenschapper en auteur (Bad Pharma) Ben Goldacre. Goldarce stelt dat de medicijnfabrikanten liegen en bedriegen om hun dure pillen, poeders en zalfjes aan de man te brengen. (via)

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