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Bang goes the Theory

Craig Venter, one of the first people to sequence the human genome, is working to create the first generation of artificial life. Interessant figuur, van het type John Hammond.

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You May as well Pray to Aliens

Deel 2 Deel 3

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Lachen met rare Amerikanen

U.S. State Senator: Earth Is 6,000 Years Old Sylvia Allen thinks we shouldn’t have any environmental laws because god gave us this planet to use up 6,000 years ago. Ironically, she wants the Uranium that proved this planet is over … Continue reading

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De positivoos – Onze god is de beste

‘Onze heer blijft toch de beste, hij is wereldkampioen’

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Community residents are protesting a billboard they call offensive to Christians. The recruitment billboard put up by the Florida Atheist and Secular Humanist Society stands just east of Interstate 95 on Sunrise Boulevard and 27th Avenue, next to a business … Continue reading

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Was The Earth Designed For Life?

An unbiased look at whether Earth’s favorable conditions for life prove that a loving God planned it that way all along. (Hint: There’s no other explanation.)

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Quote van de dag

‘Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.’ –Thomas Dewar

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